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We have created bundles of our spices and blends to make selecting gifts for your loved ones very easy. Whether you’re looking to get gifts for a Habesha food aficionado or an adventurous gourmand who loves to experiment with spices or you have a friend who would like cozy up with a bowl of genfo on a brutally cold day or you have a special someone who loves to take it slow roasting coffee and burning incense…we’ve got you covered! And that’s not it, we have The Ultimate Bundle which includes the softest gabi and your choice of 5 of any of our spices and blends.

These gifts will come with festive packaging, spices in beautiful glass jars and bags, and a personalized note for that special touch.

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  • Berbere, an essential ingredient in the cusines of Ethiopia and Eritrea, starts with hand-selected chilli peppers.

  • Our signature Berbere is prepared with a recipe handed down through generations with time-tested methods - a distinctive, flavorful combination of dry and fresh herbs.

  • Berbere is a versatile seasoning. Use it to make sauces and soups...marinades and roasts...and so much more!

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Preserving ancestral wisdom through food

Our spices are lovingly prepared by Nuniya's Kitchen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.