About Us

Our Mission

At Red Fox Spices, our mission is to preserve ancestral wisdom through the power of food. We offer authentic Ethiopian spice blends that are prepared using recipes and methods passed down from generations before.

We deliver on our mission by sourcing only the finest hand-selected spices directly from local farmers and trusted supply partners in bringing unique flavor and versatility into your kitchen. Our exclusive partnership with Kesela Trading, home of Nuniya’s Kitchen, ensures every spice blend is meticulously crafted using traditional methods.

At Red Fox, we’re obsessed with quality and thrilled to share our family spice blend recipe with the world - with the ultimate goal of earning a coveted, permanent spot in our customers’ pantries!



The core of our mission and brand

At Red Fox Spices, sustainability is at the core of our mission and reflected in our brand name. As we work towards fulfilling our mission, we pledge to source our ingredients ethically and promote sustainable farming practices.

To uphold our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented ecofriendly practices such as transitioning to kraft bag and glass jar packaging, resulting in an 85% reduction in plastic waste. We continuously identify areas for improvement and strive to further develop and enhance our sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

Moreover, we are dedicated to promoting a sustainable planet by raising awareness of conservation efforts and actively supporting the African Wildlife Foundation in their mission to protect the Ethiopian Red Fox, an endangered species and the inspiration behind our brand.



Local farmers, trusted supply partners

At Red Fox, we are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients directly from farmers and trusted supply partners in order to ensure the highest quality and most authentic flavor profiles. For instance, we work closely with a family farm in Finote Selam, Ethiopia, which supplies us with the foundational spice, berbere. In addition to this partnership, we have established relationships with community co-ops and women-owned businesses throughout our supply chain. By sourcing our ingredients directly, we are able to support local communities, ensure fair wages, and access the most recent harvests.

Empowering Women

Building a community

When you take a look at Red Fox Spices and the incredible network of supply chain partners we have and are building, it’s clear that women play a crucial role in our success. From the generations of women who have passionately passed down the tradition of spice making to those who emulate the same passion in design and marketing today, their contributions are invaluable.

Our main partner, Kesela Trading in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a shining example of the positive impact that women can have when given the opportunity to thrive. Kesela Trading is committed to creating a supportive community for women by providing stand-alone housing and employment opportunities. This has been a game changer for single mothers who previously struggled to find work and support their families. We are inspired by the dedication of our partners like Kesela Trading and are proud to work with them to empower women and strengthen communities.


Sharing our planet

The Red Fox story

Red Fox Spices is a brand that aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving endangered species and the natural environment. The brand name itself is inspired by the Ethiopian Red Fox, a species that lives in close-knit family groups led by strong females, and is currently facing numerous challenges to survive in the Ethiopian highlands. Unfortunately, due to human encroachment, the foxes have been forced out of their homes, and their population has dwindled to just 440. 

At Red Fox Spices, we understand the gravity of the situation and are committed to taking action to protect these foxes and other endangered species. We have pledged to support the work of the African Wildlife Foundation through donations and other means, as we believe in the power of collective action to create a positive impact on our planet. 

Moreover, we recognize the urgent need to address climate change and minimize our environmental footprint. As a company, we are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come, and we strive to make a positive impact through our actions. At Red Fox Spices, we believe that everyone can play a role in protecting our planet, and we are dedicated to doing our part.