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Mitten Shiro | Powdered Legume and Spices Blend

Shiro is the ultimate comfort food. It’s also vegan, gluten free, and ready in 30 minutes. Chickpea and split pea flour forms the base of this blend. But that’s not all – the addition of korerima, turmeric, shallots, ginger, holy basil, Ethiopian thyme, salt and a touch of berbere makes this blend truly packed with flavor.

The classic way to prepare it is to make shiro wat (sauce) by adding the powder to sauteed onions, garlic and tomatoes. The sauce is served atop injera (Ethiopian flatbread) with a host of other vegetarian dishes. It works great when sprinkled into a vegetable dish, soup or stew by adding flavor and acting as a thickening agent. Also great as a substitute to flour when making fried chicken or fish.

A blend of chickpeas (shimbera), split peas (ater), garlic (nech shinkurt), shallots (ye abesha shinkurt), ginger (zingibil), berbere, Ethiopian holy basil (bessobela), Ethiopian cardamom (korerima), turmeric (ird), Ethiopian thyme (tossigne), and salt (chew).

Recipe: Shiro Wot

Berbere | Ethiopian Chili Pepper Blend

Berbere – the real OG of Ethiopian spice blends.

Ours starts with chili pepper that we source from a family farm in Fenote Selam, Ethiopia. We then add korerima, garlic, shallots, ginger, nigella seeds and other aromatics. Everything is then sun dried and milled to perfection. Resulting in a blend that is balanced, earthy, complex, warm but not bursting with heat, and beautiful a deep red-orange in color. Our berbere is prepared with a recipe handed down through generations with time-tested methods.

Berbere is a versatile seasoning. Use it to make sauces and soups...marinades and roasts...and so much more!

A blend of Chilli peppers (zala berbere), Ethiopian cardamom (korerima), garlic (nech shinkurt), shallots (ye abesha shinkurt), ginger (zingibil), Nigella seeds (tiqur azmud), bishop’s weed (netch azmud), Ethiopian holy basil (bessobela), fenugreek seeds (abish), rue (tenadam), and salt (chew).

Recipe: Awaze Hot Sauce

Qibbeh Spice | Butter Clarifying Blend

All you need to make a deliciously fragrant, spiced, clarified butter or Nitter Qibbeh - a cornerstone of Ethiopian Cuisine.

When making spiced butter, we follow the same method used to create ghee. This involves delicately separating the butterfat from the milk solids and water, resulting in a remarkably aromatic and flavorful cooking fat. Not only does this clarified butter boast a higher smoke point, but it also enjoys a longer shelf life compared to regular butter.

Get creative by using it to add depth to meat browning or a new twist to your morning scrambled eggs. This stuff is gold!

A blend of Verbenaceae herb (koseret), Ethiopian cardamom (korerima), nigella seeds (tiqur azmud), bishop’s weed (netch azmud), and fenugreek (abish).

Recipe: Niter Qibbeh

Korerima | Ethiopian Cardamom

Korerima, also known as Ethiopian cardamom, black cardamom or seeds of paradise is a member of the ginger family. It grows wild throughout Eastern Africa. Korerima is similar to green cardamom but with a deeper flavor and notes of smokiness. 

It is used in many fundamental spice blends as well as a single spice in Ethiopian cuisine. Add it to collard greens, soups, meat-based sauces for an extra dose of smokiness and depth. To get the best of this aromatic spice, grind right before using with a pepper mill or mortar and pestle. Lightly toasting the seeds before grinding brings out the flavor even more. A little goes a long way, we advise starting out with a small amount.

Shelled, dried, and lightly roasted seeds.

Recipe: Swedish Kardemummabulle (Cardamom Buns)

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